Why Garanntor?

Garanntor is the biggest and the fastest growing web hosting, cloud support and VPS service in Nigeria. We believe in making your life easy so that you can focus on more productive activities like coding, creating new applications and platforms, marketing your products and services and creating important business contacts. We provide support when you need it and also provide important infrastructure solutions so that your business activities don’t suffer from downtime and or your aspirations don’t get constrained. With Garanntor, you can achieve whatever you visualise. We world-class ecosystem is an emblem of superior quality and stellar performance. Choose Garanntor because it is impossible to beat the offers and support provided by Garanntor.


Web hosting service that puts you

on a steady growth trajectory

We are the leading web hosting service in Nigeria. Since we are the only web hosting company in the country which has its physical data center in Nigeria itself, we provide unmatched speed, agility and reliability. Our data center is situated in the same facility in which the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) is hosted. IXPN is the internet gateway to Nigeria and West Africa. Speed and reliability ensures that you are always one step ahead of your competition at any stage of the race!

Security plans tailored for your needs

We have designed our service packages tailored for the particular needs of your business. We understand the needs vary from industry to industry and can vary with scale and availability of resources. Our sitelock packages have been designed keeping that in mind. Keep your website protected from hackers and from the prying eyes of your competitors as laxity in security is unacceptable.

Domain privacy and security

Garanntor also provides domain privacy. Whenever, a domain name is registered or updated, your contact details get published in an online directory/ database called the WHOIS database. This is in accordance with the laws formulated by the internet governing authority. If you make all your private details public, you run the risk of harassment, identity theft, junk emails and spam emails from spammers and encryption of your domain registration details create a solid bulwark against hacking attempts.

Reassurance to customers who visit your website that their data is safe

Our Secure Sockets Layer protection or SSL certificates are recognized by all popular browsers and our 256- and 128-bit encryption keys keep your data protected against hacking attempts. The security seals instill confidence in the mind of the visitors regarding the safety of their private data.

Other key services and facilities

Apart from our affordable hosting solutions, you can also choose from our other range of services. We provide cloud hosting, cloud servers, virtual private servers and storage and domain registration facilities. As soon as you become an esteemed client at our company, you are considered a team member and an important stakeholder in our company. You would not only find technical support but by answering your queries and questions, we aim to empower you so that you can take charge and be in control of your business at all points of time. If you wish to host your own hardware like servers, look no further than Garanntor’s Tier III data center. Our collocation service is the best in Nigeria and our data center features the best bandwidth providers. Our data center access is protected by innumerable layers of almost impenetrable security. You chose a single server or a rackmount cabinet. You are free to choose the service as per your business requirements and scalability needs. Our data center is also carrier-neutral and the specialists have the skills and experience to solve almost any problem related to logistics and uptime that you might face, in matter of minutes if not seconds.


Stability and pricing

Our services are completely flexible. You pay for what you use and if you need to upgrade, you can do so at the click of a few buttons. We also ensure that your IT support never goes down because apart from the fact that it is your life support, it also has an implication for your reputation. Hence, our technical team not only solves problems but communicates with your to provide you with moral support at times of crisis.

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