How To Create And Manage A Mailing List In CPanel

A mailing list allows you to send a single email from one email address to multiple receipients.

To create a mailing list, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Login to your cPanel account

Step 2: Scroll down to the EMAIL section

Step 3: Click on the “Mailing Lists” option

Step 4: Create a name for the mailing list, this will be the name on the email sent to your clients 

Step 5: Create a password for that mailing list

Step 6: Select if you want the list to be public or private 

Note: Choosing private will allow you send emails to the email accounts created in your cpanel only, but choosing Public will allow you add external email address.

Step 7: Click “Add”


We now have created a mailing list for your domain


How To Add Emails To The Mailing List?

Step 1:Go to the new mailing list you created and click “manage”

After you open the manage tab, you will be met with the mailing list administration page


Step 2: Click on “Membership Management” 

Step 3: Click on “Mass Subscription”

Step 4: Choose if you’d like to automatically subscribe your list of emails to your mailing list, or invite them to join your mailing list

Step 5: Select if you’d like to send your invitees a welcome message

Step 6: Choose if you’d like to send notifications of new members to the administrator

Step 7: Add in the emails you’d like to have on your mailing list (one per line)

Step 8: Click “Submit Your Changes”


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