What Are A and AAAA Records?

A Records

These are also called Address Records or sometimes Host Records. A record only resolves to IP addresses. These records point your domain to the IP address of your website or hosting. Let’s say that you own the domain name example.com which is hosted with us and the IP address of your hosting server is Usually, you would have two DNS records to point your domain to the hosting that looks like this:

• A example.com

• A *.example.com

The first A record in this example is pointing the “bare” version of your domain. That means when someone goes to their browser and types in the domain name without www, it will resolve to the right server and website.

The second A record is the wildcard version. This redirects any subdomains to your domain to the server; this includes www and anything else people may type before your domain name.

If you have any specific subdomains that you need to set records for, you would also do that with A records the same way. So, if in the example above, you wanted to make a subdomain called test.name.com, then you would create an A record that looks like this:

A test.example.com

Using this method, you can also point subdomains to different servers than your main site, depending on your needs.


AAAA Records are like A records but for IPv6 IP addresses instead of IPv4.

An IPv4 address is a 32-bit address and looks something like this:

An IPv6 address is made of 8 groups of 4 hexadecimal separated by colons and looks like this: 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334

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