How To Compose, Send Mails With Garanntor Email.

It's very easy to create new messages in Garanntor Email. Below you'll find a brief walkthrough of each scenario.

1. To create a new message, click the New button at the top of the All Messages view. This will pop-out the new message compose window.

  1. The following fields will appear in the header of the message you're creating:
  • To- Type the email address for each primary recipient you want to receive your email. Multiple addresses can be used, simply separate each with a comma or semi-colon.
  • Cc- Carbon Copy (Cc) recipients are those who should be included as part of the conversation, but are not necessarily primary recipients.
  • Bcc- Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) recipients are hidden from those people listed in the To and Cc fields. In addition, in a Reply All scenario, Bcc users do NOT receive a copy of the reply. For this reason, it is common practice to use the Bcc field when addressing a very long list of recipients or a list of recipients that should not (necessarily) know each other.
  • Subject- Type a descriptive subject or title of the email. Below the Subject line is a complete HTML editor that you can use to write and format your message. A number of formatting options are available, from selecting a font color to inserting multimedia elements to a message.

Email Actions

The following actions are available for a new message:

  • Send- Sends your message to the designated recipients.
  • Cancel- Cancels your message. However, Garanntor Email has an auto-save setting, so it's possible that a draft of your message will be saved automatically. If this happens, you'll see a number appear next to your Drafts folder. Clicking Cancel will display a window asking whether you want to save a draft of the message.
  • Save Draft- Saves the message in its current state to the Drafts folder without actually sending it. This is useful if you need to continue writing the message at a later time. Note: By default, Garanntor Email has an auto-save frequency of 2 minutes.
  • Attach- This allows you to attach one or more files to the message.  you have the ability to drag-and-drop files to be attached to your message.
  1. When done, click the send button to send the mail.

That's all there is to it.

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