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A website designed to conduct and support e-commerce activities needs to have low latency and very high throughput. One big factor in user experience is site speed. A server which fails to provide the speed needed to load operations and a CDN which fails to deliver the content in matter of microseconds will never be attractive to customers, especially when there is a high competition in the market.

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Nigeria is one of the fastest growing emerging markets in West Africa and has been witnessing rapid growth in income levels and levels of disposable income. This has made online business and e-commerce a viable business model. However, other than Garanntor, not many internet web hosts and cloud service providers can match the demand and urgency in the market with the necessary digital infrastructure.

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Also, you can’t afford to have your system down. High downtime would hurt your business prospects because customers like to shop on the internet at a time and website of their choice and the site needs to be operational 24/7/365 days. Our servers have unbelievable speed and supports big data mining and analysis, which form the fundamental basis of personalization, customer satisfaction and achieving a higher conversion rate.